Yes! A Single Word That Changes Everything

Published by Lena Gallagher on October 22nd

For about the past 6 months, the most common question I got about FreeRun was: “Have you opened yet?” With much frustration, the answer was always “no, not yet”, followed by one unbelievable story or another explaining the latest challenge we were facing. So, imagine if you will, the excitement I felt when on October 17th we finally opened and my answer changed to an emphatic “YES”!

Walking into the facility on that Monday morning truly felt different. Tyler and I were grinning like kids in a candy store. As our members starting walking in for our first 6am group training for the day, the reality of that moment hit home. YES! We did it!

It wasn’t always pretty or fun. There were days where I questioned my sanity, second guessed my decisions and doubted I was cut out to do this. That’s when having a great team made all the difference. And again, sometimes hearing what they had to say was not an easy pill to swallow, but ultimately, being a #bosslady means you take the good with the bad and ugly. Do I like it? No! But do I need it? YES!

Two years ago, it was just an idea that over time was refined and transformed into what we have today. Yes, its a place to train and sweat, become strong and healthier, but its also more than that. FreeRun is a place where we work to build a community with supportive and like minded people, all of whom are working towards a goal that, to some extent, encompasses a healthier lifestyle. A place where if you’re missing for a few days…be afraid! Because whilst you may not like working out, we all know you need it. So, don’t be surprised when you get a call to ask if you’ll be in soon. And let me give you a hint: there’s only one right answer… “YES!” Because ultimately, saying YES can change everything.