Why I do this.

Published by Lena Gallagher on April 19th

Every once in a while, we’re gifted with a message from a member that reinforces my ‘why’ behind FreeRun. The message below is one such example:

Hey All!!!

I forgot to give you guys a big thank-you when I was there on Tuesday!

Last weekend at the crack of dawn I went out to play hockey with my brother, my dad and his friends.  I haven’t played in about 2 years.  When I last played I was dying by the end of the hour and out of commission for at least a day.  To my pleasant surprise not only was I able to last the whole hour without feeling like death was nipping at my skates but my recovery felt like it was instant.  My family was impressed that my work at Free Run has made such a difference in my abilities to keep up the whole game.

With that being said… THANK-YOU! 

Thanks for kicking my ass and believing that I can go above and beyond my means.  It was great to see/feel it’s benefits outside of the gym.  Another plus… I can fit into my hockey pants again, I even had to pull them up mid-skate. 

Thanks again for all your heckling, motivation and all round amazing work.  I appreciate it more than you’ll ever know! J

Have a wonderful day!

Kindest Regards,

L. S.

You see, whilst yes, I want members physically in here, because lets face it, it is a business after all, its so much more than that. Basically, its the educating, coaching and helping of our members to build stronger and healthier bodies, that then enables them to conduct the business of their life outside of our facility a little bit better everyday.

If there is anything that we can do, from physical to non-physical, to bring value and self-directed empowerment to our community in a way that positively impacts them in all that they do, I’m all in. To make a difference in ways that are not necessarily noticeable everyday but then, like L.S. above experienced, is the ultimate payoff.  And that’s my WHY.