One Year at FreeRun! (Instagram Post)

So if you been paying attention, you know I’ve hooked up with this gym called FreeRun. I’ve been there a year now and I have nothing but praise for this gym. I’ve got nothing but love for the trainers and members. This gym has gotten me in the best shape of my life, but best shape of my life is also a nebulous claim. So let me list out something more quantifiable. My achievements since starting at FreeRun:

May 2019 Mississauga 10km - Achieved Goal - Completed course under an 1hr - 57:47
April 2019 FreeRun Surge - 1st Place
April 2019 MEC 2 Coronation Park - Personal Best 5km - 25:07
September 2018 Longboat Toronto Island Run - Personal Best 10km - 56:06
August 2018 Mudhero - Personal Best at 6km Course - 56:14
June 2018 Spartan Sprint - First Showing at a Spartan Event

Of course I have to give credit where credit is due:

@mamaluvsmango for creating and running this enterprise called FreeRun
@bilaltahir5 for being a mad scientist when it comes to exercise
@romeooernesto for his OCR passion and running prowess
@ezglobetrotter who fills in the gaps when ever I can’t make the usual class schedule

Thank you @freeruninc and here’s to another year filled with peanut butter and glorious victories!


I'm completely addicted!

I have been a member of many fitness chains throughout the last 10 years and despite getting great results with personal trainers, it took a very long time to achieve them. Additionally, I still struggled to find the motivation and excitement of getting up and going to the gym every day. Getting up for a 7am workout was torture.

Then I found Free Run. The workouts are always different, always interesting and fun, and I would go every day if I could. I'm completely addicted. 6am class? No problem. I hop, skip, and jump out of bed with ease. The trainers are phenomenal, awesome people that push you to be your best, and the classes are nothing like I've experienced at any other gym; far superior in terms of quality, uniqueness, and personalized attention.

Despite being a member for just under 2 months, I can't believe how quickly my body has changed. I am visibly thinner and leaner, my abs are quickly revealing themselves, I see definition in my arms and legs, I am a lot stronger and much more agile. And I never thought I'd say this but I can do pull ups; a very big accomplishment for me! I cannot wait to see what another 2, 6, 12 + months of this will do for me!

-Jada Nash


Thank You! (email)

I forgot to give you guys a big thank-you when I was there on Tuesday!

Last weekend at the crack of dawn I went out to play hockey with my brother, my dad and his friends. I haven’t played in about 2 years. When I last played I was dying by the end of the hour and out of commission for at least a day. To my pleasant surprise not only was I able to last the whole hour without feeling like death was nipping at my skates but my recovery felt like it was instant. My family was impressed that my work at Free Run has made such a difference in my abilities to keep up the whole game.

With that being said… THANK-YOU!
Thanks for kicking my ass and believing that I can go above and beyond my means. It was great to see/feel it’s benefits outside of the gym. Another plus… I can fit into my hockey pants again, I even had to pull them up mid-skate.

Thanks again for all your heckling, motivation and all round amazing work. I appreciate it more than you’ll ever know!


Wonderful atmosphere

You feel at home the moment you walk in the door and not like your just another faceless member. The staff takes time to breakdown the move so you are doing it properly and optimizing your workout. Wonderful atmosphere in the gym.

Looking forward to my next workout.


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