Loaded Carries – Our top pick move!

Published by Bilal TahirBilal Tahir on May 18th

If we had to recommend one movement that we believe has the biggest bang for your buck, it would be the loaded carry.

The loaded carry is the most functional movement in a gym anyone can do. It builds stamina, strength and most importantly, marries fitness in the gym with functionality in the real world. A loaded carry can be done with something as awkward as a sandbag, or something as simple as a dumbbell. You can carry the object by hugging it, holding it over your shoulder, holding it overhead, etc. You’re only limited by your imagination!

But how does this help you in the real world? Ever carry ALL the grocery bags into the house, in one go, to avoid multiple trips? What about carrying luggage as you dart for that flight? Or picking up and carrying a child/pet/box? These are all examples of loaded carries. Even carrying your briefcase counts!

The point is we lift and carry things almost daily. BUT as we age, we tend to lose mobility and strength. Hence why at FreeRun, we believe that including this movement regularly will promote a healthy level of strength and mobility in your physical structure, which in turn will help you easily meet the physical demands of life.

Check out this great online article, by Self, for easy and simple ways to get loaded carries into your workout as well as find several variations of this great all-round compound movement.