Introducing Heart Rate Based Training

Published by Lena Gallagher on January 17th

Heart rate based training is part of the approach we use at FreeRun in small group training classes. In simple terms, whilst all participants are doing the same workout, their level of intensity can differ. By using a heart rate based training tool, like Polar Club, our instructors get real time feedback on the level of intensity for each participant. This feedback enables the instructor to guide each participant to work at the level of intensity that best supports their personal goals.

So what does this look like in real life? In the image below, are results of a MetCon class I participated in. Since Metcon is a higher intensity workout, the goal was to be in the ‘green’ zone as much as possible. By wearing a heart rate transmitter linked to the software, my information was displayed on screens. Throughout the workout, Tyler was able (and very keen!) to call me out when I wasn’t pushing hard enough to get into the ‘green’ zone. And likewise, he was also able to tell me to let up when I was reaching into the yellow zone.

Heart Rate Training Example

Using this kind of feedback can fit in with any personal goals; whether it be weight loss, endurance, strength, etc. Individuals are also able to plan their workouts for the week knowing what the intended intensity levels are for the scheduled classes. Another advantage is having all their workout information synced to their personal Polar accounts which is a great tool to track progress. Ultimately however, using heart rate based training can help you reach goals in a quicker and more efficient way.