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Free Run Inc offers fitness training in Mississauga to get you in shape or get ready for intense activity. This method is excellent for weight loss or to push your limits.

Our coaches offer courses of H.I.I.T to optimize your endurance, your cardio and lose fat. With our conditioning training in Mississauga, you will not have to put in any effort over a long time like when you run for an hour.HI (High-Intensity Interval Training) includes short, very high-intensity sequences and short recovery periods.

A session is divided into several parts, namely:

Periods of intense effort that occurs between 80% and 95% of a person’s maximum heart rate.
The recovery periods are sometimes as long as the periods of effort and take place between 40 and 50% of the maximum heart rate of a person. During recovery periods, your body continues to consume energy because it must take the time to regulate to lower your body temperature and intramuscular.Our conditioning training is the best training to keep you in shape, but also to improve your health and your physique.Free Run Inc offers conditioning workouts in Mississauga. Our experienced coaches will accompany you during the course to encourage you and show you how to best perform the exercises. In addition, they will be available throughout the training to help you achieve your goals.

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