Conditioning & Obstacle Classes

Optimize endurance, cardio capacity and burn body fat with these fast-paced high intensity classes. Build work capacity and strength for the unique challenges we face in our unpredictable lives.


High Intensity Interval Training. This class is excellent for pushing the ceiling on your cardio and work capacity, as well as blazing through body fat.

Obstacle Conditioning

Train for life or OCR with a focused and fun class that will challenge your cardio, build durability and burn body fat like nothing else!


Build functional strength and durability that will carry over into your day to day life. Focuses are on strengthening joints and building muscle with workouts that are technique focused with plenty of variety.


Refine your technique with classical tried and true movements to push your full body strength and build muscle to new levels.

Strength & Conditioning

Simple movements executed savagely well. Focus is paid to proper technique and efficient form. The class is easily scalable for beginners, intermediates and advanced participants. Workouts alternate between upper or lower body focused. This is where we build and add to a solid foundation that will support you for years to come.


With a focus on key areas, such as technique, racing, running, etc, these classes vary in format and availability. Check the schedule regularly to see if the class you want is running!

Ninja Jam

Learn the fundamental skills of becoming a Ninja Warrior. Great for first timers or veterans looking to hone their ninja fundamentals. This class takes place on the Ninja warrior rig and obstacle course only. (Level 1 open to guests, Level 2 for members only)

Wolf Pack (OCR Simulator)

This class is built to mimic the mixed challenges of an Obstacle Course Race. Included is a blend of distance running, obstacles and various drills. A great way to challenge your conditioning for OCR or to change up the tired old cardio routine. * Members only

The Beat Down

Once a week class that is engineered to get you as close to 100% effort as possible. You will push your body to the limit to showcase what you are truly capable of. Workouts are always full body. This is where we craft resilience, mental fortitude and high-end stamina. * Members only

Technique Advancement

Proper movement technique is the key to results and staying injury free in the gym. This class is your opportunity to learn, clean up or advance your technique on a variety of movements. From basic exercises (e.g. squats, dead lifts, pressing and pulling) all the way to advanced skills, (eg. get ups, cleans, awkward lifts, sandbags, etc) the goal is to give you a few simple tips and tricks, which with consistent practice and focus, will lead to a higher training ceiling and more results down the line. * Members only

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