Optimize endurance, cardio capacity and burn body fat with these fast-paced high intensity classes. Build work capacity and strength for the unique challenges we face in our unpredictable lives.


Burn body fat, boost endurance and push your boundaries! Learn to find and challenge the appropriate pace. Great for a quick full body blast!


Build functional strength and durability that will carry over into your day to day life. Focuses are on strengthening joints and building muscle with workouts that are technique focused with plenty of variety.

Strength & Conditioning

Get stronger, build lean muscle and challenge yourself! Build skills and strength that carry over into day to day life. Emphasis on technique, variety and intensity! All levels welcome.


With a particular focus on Obstacle Course racing, either for fun or as a competitor, these classes include use of the obstacles, ninja system, etc.

Obstacle Conditioning

Train for life or OCR with a fun and focused class that challenges your skill, strength and cardio like nothing else! Beginners welcome!

Wolf Pack (OCR Simulator)

This is a seasonal class that is built to mimic the mixed challenges of an Obstacle Course Race. Included is a blend of distance running, obstacles and various drills. A great way to challenge your conditioning for OCR or to change up the tired old cardio routine. * Members only

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