Virtual Classes

Keep moving & keep fit in the comfort of your own home! These 2-way virtual classes are offered 6 days a week, requiring little to no equipment and led by a certified personal trainer. Ideal for all levels & abilities.


Burn body fat, boost endurance and push your boundaries! Learn to find and challenge the appropriate pace. Great for a quick full body blast!


Focusing on either upper body, lower body, or all body, these classes focus on specific muscle groups to improve capacity and overall strength. Using bodyweight or minimal equipment, if available, all levels abilities are welcome.


Mobility simply means…the ability to move freely and easily. These classes will tech you how to move a joint through its full range of motion, with strength and control.

In Person Classes

These classes will resume when we re-open.

Strength & Stamina

Build functional strength, durability, and endurance that will carry over into your day to day life. Across these classes, the focus varies from basic strength and movement, to conditioning and endurance. We not only want to strengthen joints, improve mobility and build muscle, but also improve your overall cardiovascular fitness.

Obstacle (currently unavailable)

With a particular focus on Obstacle Course racing, either for fun or as a competitor, these classes include use of the obstacles, ninja system, etc.

Obstacle Conditioning

Train for life or OCR with a fun and focused class that challenges your skill, strength and cardio like nothing else! Beginners welcome!


This is a seasonal class that is built to mimic the mixed challenges of an Obstacle Course Race. Included is a blend of obstacles, various drills, skills and OCR specific preparation. A great way to challenge your conditioning for OCR or to change up the tired old cardio routine. * Members only

Specialized (currently unavailable)

With a focus on different areas, such as Ninja technique, boxing technique and footwork, racing, running, etc, these classes vary in format and availability. Check the schedule regularly to see if the class you want is running!


This is an all-body-give-it-all-you-have class that takes place once a week. From rope pulls, to sandbag carries, we work the entire body to the max. (*Members only!)

Ninja Jam

Learn the fundamental skills of becoming a Ninja Warrior. Great for first timers or veterans looking to improve their overall ninja skills and strength. All levels welcome.


Learn the fundamentals of boxing technique in these hour long classes led by our certified boxing instructor, Coach Rohan. Not only will you learn correct striking techniques, you will also learn proper footwork, improve striking power and strength, improve your endurance and overall body strength.

Heard enough? Visit us and get a taste of the classes!