Introducing Heart Rate Based Training

Published by Lena Gallagher on January 17th

Heart rate based training is part of the approach we use at FreeRun in small group training classes. In simple terms, whilst all participants are doing the same workout, their level of intensity can differ. By using a heart rate based training tool, like Polar Club, our instructors get real ...

Metabolic Conditioning

Published by Tyler Hodess on September 8th

Put simply Metabolic Conditioning is performing specific all body exercises for a designed set of time followed by a specific rest time. The exercises and work to rest ratio is all dependent on the result you want to achieve. I frequently talk to my clients about getting their body to work for ...

How to Train for your First Tough Mudder

Published by Tyler Hodess on August 2nd

So you were out drinking with some friends and everyone decided it would be a great idea to do a Tough Mudder. Sound familiar? So now here you are six weeks out and haven’t started training. Step 1. Get off the couch. Step 2. Follow this six week guide. Weeks 1-2 (adapting to the OCR training) ...

The “I hate training legs” Guide to Good Leg Workouts

Published by Tyler Hodess on June 28th

I’ve been working out for the past 15 years, and all 5,475 of those days I’ve hated leg work outs. I’ve had friends who love working legs, but not this guy. What’s there to like? They don’t make your t-shirt look tighter, and for that matter I don’t think I should wear shorts short enough […]