What Is Mobility? And why it’s so important.

Published by Jennifer MatthewsJennifer Matthews on March 6th

by Jennifer Matthews – Movement Specialist FREERUN There is a lot of confusion out there about mobility. What does it mean? How should I be doing it? When should I be doing it? Is mobility stretching? Mobility simply means…the ability to move freely and easily. May sound simple enough, ...

We Won Another Award! And its all thanks to YOU

Published by AvatarLena Gallagher on January 31st

Free Run Crowned Top Choice Award Winner for Top Choice Fitness Club  in the 2020 Top Choice Award Survey. Mississauga, Ontario  — 09 Jan 2020 — Top Choice Awards has announced the 2020 Top Choice Award Winners, your city’s most trusted businesses. We at Free Run are proud to ...

New Operating Hours Beginning January 2020

Published by AvatarLena Gallagher on November 25th

As of January 2020, our new operating hours are: Mon-Thurs: 6am-9:30pm Fri: 6am-8:30pm Sat-Sun: 9am-1pm Stay tuned for more updates. Lena

Loaded Carries – Our top pick move!

Published by Bilal TahirBilal Tahir on May 18th

If we had to recommend one movement that we believe has the biggest bang for your buck, it would be the loaded carry. The loaded carry is the most functional movement in a gym anyone can do. It builds stamina, strength and most importantly, marries fitness in the gym with functionality in the ...

What is Heart Rate Based Training?

Published by AvatarLena Gallagher on January 17th

In simple terms, heart rate based training is working out within a targeted level of intensity. By using a heart rate based training tool, you’re able to get real time feedback on the level of intensity being exerted at that time. This feedback then serves as a guide to work at the level ...

Welcome to FreeRun!

Published by AvatarLena Gallagher on March 15th

A Unique Facility Combining Functionality, Purpose & Fun! The FreeRun facility is a 10 000sq/ft space encompassing 3 general areas of use, namely the reception, the functional floor, and the obstacle course, all briefly described below. Reception: – a spacious entry way where members ...