20 November 2020 – Closure Update

Published by AvatarLena Gallagher on November 20th

Hi all, Here we go again! As you may have heard by now, we have yet again been mandated by the government to close, commencing Monday, 23rd November. Therefore, the last day of in-person classes will be tomorrow, Saturday, 21st November 2020. At this time we have not been given any indication ...

September 2020 Update

Published by AvatarLena Gallagher on August 29th

Dear friends, In the blink of an eye, and September is upon us. My team and I hope you are keeping healthy and active. As you know, we re-opened on the 4th August and I’m pleased to say that it has been a successful month. The protocols we have in place have gone off smoothly, […]

FreeRun Opening News! – 4th August 2020

Published by AvatarLena Gallagher on July 31st

Hi all. The day has finally come and Mississauga can move into phase 3. 😊 So with that said, our first official opening date will be Tuesday, 4th August. Memberships If your membership is currently on hold, your membership will continue to be on hold for August and will only be re-activated ...

COVID-19 Email Update 5 – 13 July 2020

Published by AvatarLena Gallagher on July 13th

Free Run Gym Email Update 5 – 13 July 2020 Hopefully you are keeping well and healthy. In my last email, I had said I would send out the guidelines for how we will operate when we do finally open. I held back on sending this at the time as I have been waiting for […]

COVID-19 Email Update 4 – 29 June 2020

Published by AvatarLena Gallagher on June 29th

Hi Friends, Its hard to believe its already been 3 months since we have had to close. I hope you have been keeping healthy, active and safe. Opening Date: In terms of where we are and re-opening. I’d like to think (and hope) that we closer to opening that I realise but unfortunately, I still ...

COVID-19 Email Update 3 – 27 May 2020

Published by AvatarLena Gallagher on May 27th

Hi all, My hope and wish at this time is that you are staying healthy, safe and sane! The warmer weather has definitely been very welcoming in my household as I’m sure it’s the same for many of you, especially those with kids. 😉 Firstly, regarding your membership fees. As with previous months, ...

COVID-19 Email Update 2 – 27 April 2020

Published by AvatarLena Gallagher on April 27th

Hi friends, I sincerely hope you are keeping safe, healthy, and active! Every little bit counts 😊 I know it can be quite challenging to keep motivated during these times. The truth is that I myself have had a challenge with this. I have to keep reminding myself to not give up! Anyways. Firstly, ...

It’s Time To Start Breathing!!!

Published by Jennifer MatthewsJennifer Matthews on March 27th

FEELING OUT OF CONTROL? UNCOMFORTABLE WITH UNCERTAINTY?… IT’S TIME TO START BREATHING!! We are currently living in an uncertain world. No matter what we do, no matter how much we try to ignore, or avoid, our lives are being dictated by the spread of the coronavirus. We are being bombarded with ...

COVID-19 Email Update 1 – 23 March 2020

Published by AvatarLena Gallagher on March 23rd

Hi all, Firstly, thank you to all that have sent me messages of support and encouragement. It has helped more than you know. I’m am extremely grateful to you. Secondly, to address the question of membership fees. I will be pausing all memberships for April UNLESS you reply to this email and ask ...

Workout Ideas

Published by Bilal TahirBilal Tahir on March 6th

Here’s a couple of workout ideas from Coach Bilal if you can’t make it into class, are travelling, or just need some inspiration. Upper Body Strength 1 set A1. KB & Stick Carry x 200-400M 3 sets B1. Stick / DB Hammer Curls x 15-20 B2. Stick / DB Skull-crushers x 15-20 3-4 sets ...