FreeRun offers adapted training in a Group fitness Center in Mississauga

FreeRun is a hands-on team environment, based on result and true functionality of the body.

We offer an exclusive obstacle course facility that you have unlimited access to! We are goal oriented so whether you are training for your first obstacle course race or are looking for a new way to exercise, our classes are equipped with workout systems to achieve your goals! We have certified trainers that are available to you for support and advice throughout your entire journey!

Lastly, here at FreeRun we Do Fitness Different! All of our machines are self-powered so you will be trained based on natural movements of the body to make you the strongest in any aspect of life!

Tyler Hodess


My fitness journey began at age 3 when I began skating for the first time. Since then health and exercise has been stuck to me like a tattoo.

At age 15 I began lifting weights to excel at football and had no idea it would guide my passions for the rest of my life. Enrolling in expert strength and speed classes I broadened my fitness horizons. From here I began specializing in how to make the body faster, stronger and last longer.

Over the past 10 years I have worked in large name brand gyms helping the public with health and fitness needs. From weight loss to muscle gain, I’ve seen it all. My philosophy was to be natural. The best way to reach these goals is to work the body in its most natural way: losing weight and gaining muscle by working the body the way it was meant to work by doing physical activities used in everyday life. By pushing the body that exercises your survival skills.

I have never seen a mother of 3 have to lift a bar with 100lbs on her back. But I have seen my mom climb a fence, jump over mud, climb a ladder, push a car, jump off a cliff into water, run up a steep hill and balance across a slippery sidewalk. My problem? Gyms weren’t offering adequate space and equipment to support this philosophy.

FreeRun to me is Life Training; from pushing a stroller to climbing a mountain. I do fitness differently.

Lena Gallagher


Just like many of you reading this, I’ve wafted in and out of being fit and playing sports. From playing Netball in school, to Action Soccer, to being a cardio bunny, and to my most recent addiction, squash. So where does obstacle course running come into this? Enter the Tough Mudder.

After working with a personal trainer for a couple of years, I wanted to try something different that would test my athleticism. Like many mothers of 2 young children who have stepped away from their corporate jobs for varying reasons, I’m guilty of assuming that since I don’t have the typical athletic body we see paraded in the media, the Tough Mudder became an item on my bucket list.

My mission with this was simple: prove to myself that I could do anything (well, almost anything) in this altering realm of functional fitness. Age, physique, background, personal circumstances, and all those other considerations didn’t have to be an excuse to stay ‘stuck’ in the typical humdrum cycle of box standard workouts. And so out of this, Free Run was born.

Now, whilst it may be nice to say that I have X amount of years in the fitness industry, with this-and-that experience, achieving this-and-that certification, I’m not THAT person. What I am, however, is a ‘consumer’ of all things fitness and health. And as such, my personal goals at Free Run are simple: to continue to breakdown the pre-conceived notion that only the young and fit can do this kind of activity, to emphasize that it’s never too late to start being healthier (no matter which avenue you choose), and you CAN play and you CAN have fun whilst doing fitness different!


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